Coming to New York?  Don't waste your money on a noisy, expensive Manhattan hotel!  Rent our adorable house for 1/2 the price and 5x the space!  It's a cozy 3-bedroom house on a quiet, tree-lined street, RATED FIVE STARS by guests from England to Oklahoma.  We're 2 blocks from Grand Ave. station on the M/R subway line, minutes walk to 3 major shopping malls, 20 min. to JFK and LAG, and appr 30-40 min. from everything else in NYC.

Dottie's is not a hotel. It is OUR HOME, which we sometimes offer as a self-catering vacation rental.  Make yourself at home.  Just clean up afterward and leave it as you found it is all we ask. 

We're not in Manhattan. 
We're 20 minutes outside, in Queens.  But, trust me, you want to VISIT Manhattan.  And come HOME after.  
Check out our unbeatable amenities, rates and rules and get in touch!  We'd love it if you stayed at Dottie Jane's!


NEW IN 2012: 

A whole new roof!  Energy efficient, watertight, and guaranteed for life!

Two brand new, amazingly comfortable, memory foam beds in the gold room.  They are fantastic!  But not water resistant, so keep the water-tight covers on, and no liquids in the gold room!

A beautiful new dining room carpet.  Big blue flowers and warm brown tones will keep our parquet floors from scuffing.

An all new cookware set12-piece stainless, with glass lids.  Shiny, clean and spanking brand new!

A new Oster, thick slice toaster.  Metallic Ferrari red!

                                                                                                                                                                        review by film director, Álvaro Galván:  "This beautiful house is a jewel in New York.  It has all the amenities, lots of space and natural light. The neighborhood is nice and quiet and you can find everything you need really close. And its lovely owner will make sure you enjoy your stay.  A really wonderful place!"  +++++                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

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TEL: 347-968-2986  •  EMAiL: