Because Dottie Jane's is a private home, NOT a hotel, our rules are stricter and we demand a higher level of respect for the property and our neighbors.  Please observe the following rules:

1)- You must read and sign our rental agreement at the time of booking.

2)- Your full rental fee plus a refundable damage deposit of $250 must be received at 2 weeks before you arrive.  The damage deposit will be returned to you upon inspection.

3)- Leave it as you found it.  The house is a self-catering rental.  Unless otherwise arranged, we do no cleaning during your stay, and do not  provide meals.  When we give it to you, the house and all its contents will be in pristine, guest-ready condition, with freshly cleaned bedding and towels. At the end of your stay,  with the exception of the house's laundry, everything must be left the same way. This means washing and putting away dishes, disposing of garbage, cleaning after yourself in the bathrooms, any and all messes that have accumulated during your stay.

4)- There is no smoking and besides the stove, nothing that produces flame is allowed in or around the house. You may not burn candles, incense, sparklers, fireworks, use space heaters or barbeque.

5)- A maximum of 5 people may stay in the house.  At least one of four, or two of five, must be responsible adults. Under some circumstances we can accommodate 6.  Please inquire.

6)- Parents or guardians are responsible for the behavior of children.


7)- Children under 18 may not be unsupervised in the house at any time.

8)- Noise curfew is 10PM.  Please be considerate of our neighbors. 

9)- You may not share or make copies of our keys.

10)- Recycling is the law.  We make it easy.  We provide 4 bins for glass, plastic, metal and paper.  Recyclables must be sorted into the right bins in clear plastic bags.  We will place recycling and trash at curbside for pick up on the appropriate days.

11)- We're sorry, but we cannot accommodate pets at this timeWhy?

12)- For security, we do not show, or share the street address of, the house without a commitment to rent. Anyone could pose as a potential guest and use the information they collect for an illicit purpose.  Insisting upon a deposit before showing weeds out the criminal element, and  protects our guests' safety as well as our own.

Other rules apply and will appear in our rental agreement.




Some suggestions to ensure your safety at our house:

• Please ask ahead if you'd like to use the back yard.

• Observe caution with children just as you would at home.  We have taken care to remove from the house and/or put out of reach all sharp, toxic or otherwise dangerous items.  But you can never anticipate every possibility.  Please inspect the house for all possible dangers upon arrival, take appropriate measures, and supervise children at all times.

• Guests are advised to wear shoes or slippers in the house.  Hardwood floors can make splinters.

• Please familiarize yourself as soon as you arrive with the location of the fire extinguisher.  It is in the kitchen, lower cabinet to the right of the stove.  It is also a good idea to familiarize yourself with the exits.